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Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Little Letter for Chelle

dear Chelle
thanks for being my friend for about 2 years, and also thanks for listen all of my problem since Friendster does exist

did you remind when us know each other at Friendster? you said that my biodata is wrong (i used Portgass D. Ace data), and you said that i was wrong at writing the country right?
since then we become friend and get along friendship XD

now i'll tell you a little about culture in my country
as you know, my country is really big country and had so many Culture, maybe you know about "Batik" or another Heirloom like Keris, or another else
well that's a little kind of Culture in my country, hope you know more chelle :D
by the way, there's so many filipino language i've been know from you, such as : Mahalkita and another else
did i ever said that Mahal kita means We are Expensive? (Mahal = Expensive) (Kita = We) but there you said that for our beloved couple right?

and i want to know, what is your relation with Ronel Nimo? i ever been his friend and he chat me, asking about you, so that i recomend you to him...
at first i'm affraid that he was your enemy, or your "Ex" but, i see, you know him and get along with him, so that i just want to know, who are Ronel Nimo? O_o

and i little shock when you said you move from Philipines to Rome, if you want to know, Rome is my Dream land, i wanna see Snow, I wanna taste real Pasta, I wanna come to Venice, I wanna see Coloseum, I wanna go to ITALY !
and from you i know a little about my dreamland
if i was you, i'll not go back to my country, NEVER :3

it's all of my letter today, hope you were reply my wall soon, and Belated Christmass will come soon, so pick up your jacket and warm up your fireplace

well guys, if you wanna know who are girl that i had talk about...
this pic. maybe could clear your imagination

how is it?

well, i maybe not good at english so that readers, if you read this Idiot Post, please comment if you find an Eror Sentences :3 and also i really really really sucks at Grammar, if you find a wrong spelling or grammar, comment okay
oh yeah Chelle
i forgot to say...

"Keep Safe" :)

6 komentar:

  1. Oh dear, she's look so cool, sweet. Is she your new girlfriend? haha :p

  2. Wah, I wanna see colloseum too..
    Always imagine about it >.<

    Deth, tukeran banner, nyook >.<

  3. so beautifull ... ...
    nice post . . .
    by the way, don't forget to visit and join to my blog,

    I'm already join to your blog.
    Salam kenal , saya tunggu di Blog saya :)

  4. ten no michi yoichi, subete wa tsukasa toru (toko)

  5. salam gan ...
    menghadiahkan Pujian kepada orang di sekitar adalah awal investasi Kebahagiaan Anda...
    di tunggu kunjungan balik.nya gan !


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