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Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Sad Fact of Earth

we used to think if in the future
there will be flying car, anti-gravitation traffic, virtual device, robot servant
technology is everywhere

just see the reality...
illegal logging increased for about 2-3 times since early 21st century
earth's atmosphere decrease every time rolling
electricity, fuel, oil, mineral water, become rare things
then nuclear radiation that could endanger our life with only 1 burst

bitch, douchebag population increased
while nice girl wanna be bitch, while nice boy wanna be douchebag

think, that our earth will never become as good as we think, but it will be like a little hell, without fires but full of sins

Famous people died, million cried
but million african died because of starving, no one cried

our teenager life waste for love, sex, cigars, and beers
our adult life waste for money
and when we old we will gonna miss that moment, but it just too late to come back
at that time we just sit in front of the house with some of coffe, then barking to our grandchildren because we are envy to them

what gonna be happen in this world ?
only time can answer, we just can sit, and watch how it happen, say critic in social media without any reaction, just for like thumbs/retweet to proud ourselves, while it become worse, until it getting worst...
Government will be mocked by their people, while other people step forward to take their(government) place, until then it repeat

Racism, Religion, and Money, become a big cliff to unite

i just a boy without any pride to control this situation, i don't even good at english, and i don't even know where i gonna to write
i just write from my heart, and get my inspiration from 9gag
but at all
i just don't wanna let you, as my friend, and my readers caused that things :)

it wasn't poem, it wasn't opinion, but it's fact

- From the ordinary boy, Fathan Mustaghfirin Gaffurie...

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  1. laen budak lengges... kereteng mato aku baconyo :D

  2. visit here :) kunjungan balik ya :)


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